Posted by: marctoutain | June 5, 2011

Cheese festival

For the first time a cheese festival was taking place in HK more exactly in Hullett House located in Heritage 1881 TST (the dark side)

Philippe Marchand and Dominique Bouchait 2 master cheese makers from France were the guest speakers for the event from the 3rd of 5th June with workshops, seminars to dinners. And don’t forget the market where the public can purchase cheeses.

Hullett House Cheese festival

I can’t miss the chance to have a quick visit to the market. I did some serious shopping, sure to find quality raw milk products, and not the usual plastic mass-produced cheeses, and filled the fridge. The  production of high quality cheese has seen constant progression the last few years in France, with people going back to their roots — similar to buying wine or in-season vegetables from a small market. A bit as the wine business worldwide gain a lot of increase of sales recently.

We decide to have brunch in “The Parlour” a casual restaurant with a terrace. We invited our good friend Stephane (who I knew since our military service in the Navy back in our young days in France) and his wife Maki. I will not expand on the lunch as the value for money is not worth the reservation, except for the cheese, bread & free flow Veuve. It’s was more an excuse for spend a time with our friends who we don’t see for while now (they actually live across the border)

The market was definitely worth the visit. As good Frenchmen, we both bought some cheese and baguette provisions (you can see from the picture how happy we are) & guess what I had for dinner last night?



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